The Quality Commission visited ATAUM
19 August 2022 | 13:02

Our ability to execute within the system to support the activities of the Quality Assurance Center, the University's institutional accreditation of the program the year 2022 yokak to contribute to the advancement of the work in an efficient manner, examples of good practice to guide improvement activities and units throughout the University for each academic unit Quality Commission to broker spread through the assigned Observer in the frame of Atatürk's principles and history of Turkish revolution research and Application Center (ATAUM designated for the advisor member, Gazi Faculty of Education, Prof. Dr. Gürcü ERDAMAR, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali Çakmak and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Osman SABANCI visited and exchanged views on quality studies and the activities of the cen

The Quality Commission visited ATAUM-1 The Quality Commission visited ATAUM-1
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